Wrought Iron Sofa/Occational Table w/ 3

Wrought Iron Sofa/Occational Table w/ 3

Iron, walnut
120 pounds

This is a spec piece that was fabricated by David and his daughter Madelynn during the 2011/12 winter.

The top is a 3" thick piece of natural edge slab of walnut that has been distressed.

It sits a top an iron frame work that has been hand forged and textured using fire, anvil, hammer, and the heart of a craftsmen. The finished product pays tribute to the blacksmith of old as the light reveals a iron luster only the human craftmen can achieve. Using hand forged spikes the craftsmen unites the rich, earthy, plank of walnut to the robust, iron of old, creating a unique custom piece that will honor your house for generations.

It measures 51"L 30"T 15" W.