About Us

Morgan-Jade Ironworks started out with no name, due to the fact that I, David Kailey did metal art as a hobby with a good friend of mine named Jess Cheney, during the winter of 2010/11. Work was slow and we needed to get out of the house so we would go to my shop, and weld, grind, beat, heat, and mold metal. Jess is an amazing visual artist, he can go to a scrap yard full of iron and start seeing all sorts of stuff he can make from all the parts and pieces piled up. I however do not have that vision, I see things in plants, rock, tress, bugs.... basically nature or I see them in all sorts of design, like architecture, vintage forge work, art, graphic design, or any shapes and textures that my wondering eye falls upon. From there it all ends up in my head and every now and then something great falls out. I can't see art in stuff but I see art in the world and then want to make it from iron.