Rhino Blacksmith anvils 140lb, 240lb

Rhino Blacksmith anvils 140lb, 240lb

240,140 pounds

MJI is now the exclusive worldwide distributor of Rhino anvils.

The Rhino anvils are being offered in 2 weights.

140lbs Baby Rhino @ $1,725.00.

240lbs Papa Rhino @ $2025.00

MJI also offers a $75 discount on a custom anvil stand when you buy an anvil. It dose not add any cost to the shipping. $400.00 with $50.00 off put the stand at $350.00


Since 2012 Rhino anvils are being entirely produced in the USA.

What kind of alloy are Rhino anvils made of???

Rhino anvils are cast of from an alloy containing a large proportion of chrome and nickel, and smaller proportions of molybdenum and manganese. This alloy was chosen because it was originally designed to line rock crushers. Rock crushers exert an extreme amount of shock, abrasion, and pressure on the liner plates, so we thought this would be a great alloy to handle anything the modern-day blacksmith could throw at it. This alloy is an air hardening steel; no quenching is required. Heat treating only involves tempering. The hardness of the anvil is 54 HRC. The hardness extends throughout the entire thickness of the anvil.


The Rhino anvil was designed with all blacksmiths in mind. If you smith steel as a production smith or hobby smith Rhino anvils will suit all your needs.

The face of the anvil is machined, and polished. It has a conical horn, great for drawing out and forging perfect rings without a cone mandrel. It has a large face to work on, 1" hardy hole, 5/8 pritchel hole, the heel of Rhino anvils tapper down allowing room to forge even the trickiest pieces of steel. Many modern anvils have done away with the step/cut shelf or table, but Rhino anvils have a great step set at the perfect height to allow easy forging of pipe, round bar and small folding, also serves as a great place to brace your work.

Rhino Anvil Specifications.

Papa                       Baby

Height                    11”                         9 ½”

Full Length              31 1/4”                   26 1/2"

Width                     5 1/2"                     4 ½

Waist                      9 1/2" x 4”              8” x 3 3/4"

Base                       10" x 14"                8 1/2" x 12"

Heel tapper             5 1/2” to 2”             4 1/2" to 1 3/4"

Horn                       9 3/4'                      8”

The cut shelf/step on all the anvils is 2”

Ordering and shipping

Please contact David Kailey to order, ask questions, or get shipping quote.

Phone 509-413-9727  Email David@morganjadeironworks.com