Angie's Foot Stool

Angie's Foot Stool

Black Walnut, Iron, 3/8 round rod
6 pounds

So I was visiting my wife at her work and noticed that Angie, one of the ladies my wife works with, had her feet on top of about a 4" box filled with catalogs of some sort. After asking why, Angie, slightly red in the face told me how she feels more comfortable at times with her feet elevated. Not sure, but this injustice seemed to bug me, most likely the OCD going from 0 to 100, so I said, " I can fix that!!!!" like somekind of low buget super hero.

3 months later!!!!?---- sorry none of my "super hero" powers has anything related to speed.

I have a few slabs of 2" and 3.5" black walnut so I cut a 12"x18" block from the 2" slab.

I then cut some lengths of 3/8 round bar 10.5" long. 4" from the end of the rod I started to draw the rod out to a taper until it was 6" long. After both tapers where drawn out the rod was 15.5" in length. As my usual habit I textured the full length with heavy hammer blows using the corners of the hammer and horn to drive deep dents in the iron. I know, I know, but I love hammer marks, they are raw, bold, and beautiful. Its my piece so I get to do what I like--------- Hammer that thing!!!!! O yah it happened, just like that!!! Ok,,,,,, to much caffine maybe, moving on......

I then folded the rod in half lining up the ends, bent them at 120 degrees, formed the scrolls together and curved the tips out in lines that flowed nicely.

I drove the iron down on to my hardie hole cutter to split the 2 ends apart again, placed it in the vice and bent the scrolled ends away from one another until the lines formed a 45 degree angle that would accommodate the corners of the walnut slab.

I created some flat areas, and punched some mounting holes, wire brushed, and treated with bee's wax. Due to the fact that shoes will be placed on the item all the time, I treated the wood like the iron. I melted bee's wax and dripped it all over the wood and used a heat gun to melt it, which allowed the wood to soak up the wax, wiped off the excess, screwed the legs on, a little grinding to get it to sit with no wobbling and a foot stool we have. Angie was very thankful, and put it to use right away!