Fire Place Screen

Fire Place Screen



Just starting the design.

Waiting on approval, then we will start forging all the components to assemble.

The screen is simple but has a very hearty, heavy, look to it. I used Brass to make the rivets and i really like the contrast of the brass against all the forged iron with all it grays, silvers, and charcoal colors.


So the screen is finished and it will hang over the fire place on 4 bolts that will be forged and textured to look like old school hand made spikes.

The customer wanted to make his fire place look bigger then it really is so we over size the creen by 8" and he will paint the brick behind the over lap of the screen black, this will complete the effect. I still have to forge the detail pieces that will be placed on the screen in the field. They will actually hang on the screen, so they can be changed out for the diffrent seasons, of just because your tired of looking at them.

will post more photos soon!!!