Post vise/leg vise/box vise stand and upgrades

Monday, April 11, 2016

So as a blacksmith post vise are a treasured piece of equipment in the smithy. I am fortunate enought to have a 5" and 6". I do a lot of demos at events all over the northwest so my vises are on stands I can move around. I finally got some time to make some changes to my stands. I am always moving them so having a table nearby was not always possible. Any blacksmith will tell you that you are always in need of a spot to set tools or materials on while working at the vise and there are tools you pretty much only use at the vise. So having them stored there is best. One issue to a nice flat spot is the mounting plate because they stick up and leave you with out a flat area so I took some 1/4" plate and counter sunk fasteners thru it and the vise mounting plate into the stand, then I added a rack under that to hang tongs, turning wrench, grinder, bending forks......... anyway just some diffrent ideas of how to make your smithy more efficient.