"The Duck-Mantan" and "Soup Can Dan" in the Smithy and feeling the heat!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

So after a while my buddy Mike "The Duck" man-ton. Finally came in to the Smithy to beat on some iron. He helped me weld up the demo, bleachers for Columbia Fire and Iron and then we fired up the forge.  He picked a great night to do it as Steve McGrew from Incandescent ironwork was in the Smithy. Mike has some deck spikes from an old steamboat that was sunk in Priest Lake and he wanted to repurpose them and forge some coat hooks for his house. A few days before my buddy from Montana was in the Smithy and he also made a coat hook.

Here Mike working his first shepards hook on his deck spikes.

Mike welding on the bleachers for Columbia Fire and Iron.

Dan'O forging a head and whaaaalaaaa!!! Coat hook

Dan's first lap weld with Tig welder.


Good times had by all!!!!!!