Cattails & Dragonflies Wall Hanger/Gate

Cattails & Dragonflies Wall Hanger/Gate
Iron, bees wax
35 pounds

This piece comes from a sketch I drew up in the 2011/12 winter. I modified the look to be thin and tall, I just felt like it would look better. All of the iron was forged from 2” x ¼” bar stock, with exception of the cattail stems (1/4” round rod). The frame is textured with “hit & miss” texture, I ran past the confines of the frame because I wanted to add depth to the piece and life. Living things don’t care about the boarders or bounds that you might want them to live with in-they grow were the sun draws them. Adding the dragonflies really brought the piece together and made all aspects of it pop.

This piece is all hand forged, and textured, it solid iron, and finished with beeswax. It measures 40” tall and 14”wide.

Thanks for looking!!!! Sorry for the pics of the finished piece- I take them in my "smith" were I heat, beat, weld, cut, chop, grind, and forge iron in to art. lol. Its not very "Gallery-ish"

  • sketch from Jan 2012

    sketch from Jan 2012

  • Start of forge work

    Start of forge work

  • all most done just texturing the frame

    all most done just texturing the frame

  • finished piece all waxed up

    finished piece all waxed up

  • detail pic of dragonflies

    detail pic of dragonflies

  • looking down the piece

    looking down the piece

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